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We know what Google likes to make you rank better and can write articles and website content based on your needs. Our content incorporates all the important search words people will use to find you so you get more visitors and business. Content is everything and we know how to write the best content and can guarantee you will be on page one.  

We help small business

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We are a small web development team of professionals that provide web design and development, SEO, branding, marketing, content management, logo design, website content and copywriting. 


We are also WIX web designers and can create an affordable CMS, WIX website for your business. If you prefer to build your own website on the WIX platform we can help you if you get stuck. 

We have CMS website packages that include a choice of custom features as well as a domain name and hosting.


If you require a specialized website such as an

E-commerce, gaming or adult content website for example: simply contact us for a quote.  

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What we can do

Web design

A website is a must-have for any business and is a 24/7 advert and marketing tool.

  All our websites are easy to navigate, fast-loading and designed to reflect your business and service. We can create the website just right for your business from a WIX based CMS platform to a full custom website.  



You may need a website redesign if there are errors in the original coding, SEO or content. Having your site redesigned is a great way to improving the content and it's cheaper than creating one from scratch.

We will retain all your previous page positioning and Google search ranking.


Logo Design

A logo is an essential part of any business because it helps people to remember you better. It is a proven fact that people are more likely to remember an image than a business name.  Your logo can be used as a "favicon" icon that shows up next to your website name when saved in bookmarks.




Every website needs new content from time to time to keep your customers up-to-date with everything your business has to offer.

With a WIX cms website updating content is fast and easy because we do it all for you. Simply email us with your new content for fast upload within 24 hrs. We edit your text and put in the final touches.  



SEO is a continuous effort and not a task that is only carried out prior to your website being launched. We implement proven and powerful search engine optimization methods that ensure your website gets top page placement locally. We want you to maintain a consistent level of growth for the years to come. We monitor and analyze your site's performance after launch and modify SEO where required.. 



The success of every website depends on the quality of textual content. Our copywriting skills deliver powerful copy that contains essential SEO "keywords" necessary for better search page ranking. We ensure your content will reach your goals such as improving sales, branding, marketing, and customer perception.   


What our customers say

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Thank you for recommending us to use the WIX cms editing platform and your prompt assistance to our questions when we got stuck. Much appreciated. Daren

image of Taylor hair studio.jpg

I am very delighted with our new website design and rebuilding our old site as you suggested turned out to be the best and cheapest way to go. Now finally we have a customer appointment feature that actually works. Many thanks guys. Mandy

home page of real estate website.jpg

We would like to thank the Base for our beautiful Real Estate website. Our house inquiries and listings have been increasing ever since it is eye catching and easy for people to find the property they are looking for. We are also able to make our own site changes easily with the WIX editing platform. Great job. Joe and Mary Fox

Anna's website image.jpg

Our sales have actually increased by 30% since you last looked at my website and then improved the SEO. Unbelievable work, thank you. Anna

Louis Vuitton handbags.jpg

This was our third attempt with a design firm and thankfully we found you. You did a fine re-design job on our previous online store and visually designed everything perfectly. We will be back. Rene and Pete

image of real estate website.jpg

As an independent broker I needed my own real estate website and Robin helped me with a design that was just right and didn't cost the Earth. Frank

Karl Buthery website image.jpg

I wish all businesses were as well organized as this. I thought that hiring an online designer would be a hassle but the whole experience was professional and on time. Karl

Hotel website front page.jpg

I was looking around for quite some time to find a good web designer. Correy knew instinctively what I needed and your copywriting skills gave it that finishing touch. Thanks Web Design Base. Phil Taylor

sports shop website page.jpg

Your company has a unique service. All I did was give you some details and you created the rest. So happy with the way our website looks and functions. Thank you. Suzan Blakely

collectors store website page.jpg

Professional service. Prompt response. Excellent quality and price, what more can I say. Thank you. Michelle Loyd

Paving Products website page.jpg

My site loads so much faster than before, my page views are up, and my business is seeing the results. I rest easy at night knowing I don't have to go through what I did with my old website. The re-design is perfect, my only regret is that I didn't find you guys earlier. Keith Johnston

Machinery rentals website page.jpg

We tried to make our own website but it became too difficult in the end and very time consuming. You managed to turn our mess into a professional website, we are so glad you rescued us. Thanks for all your help and patience. Mark Edwards

Camera shop website image.jpg

Web Design Base designed our e-commerce store and authored all our content. We just emailed them our product pictures and descriptions they did everything else. We are so pleased with the website. Josh

Dentist website front page.jpg

We appreciate the good work and service we experienced with your company. Since our website was SEO repaired and relaunched in 2018 we have seen consistent improvement in our visitor numbers. Thank you, great job. Dr. Allan Drew

furniture store website page.jpg

Fantastic job!! Thanks a lot! You hit the nail right on the head! Jeremy

Fire safety equipment website.jpg

We are grateful for the great work your agency has done redesigning our website and fixing up our SEO mistakes. Our site visitor numbers are up and business has never been better. We highly recommend your services to anyone. Paul Fitzgerald

accounting firm website page.jpg

I am are so happy with your company's redesign of my old website and that you were able to pinpoint all the previous faults and make remedies. Your SEO work has also made a noticeable difference in visitor numbers. Thanks for the great service. Gail Henesy

roofing company website page.jpg

We love our CMS site, it proved to be easy and simple to use. We tried a few other designers before but they just couldn't come up with what we needed. Highly recommend to anyone. Jane

Web Design is more than just about a great looking site. Your success depends on the content.

"Let us rewrite your content and put you back in the game"

Website re-design

If you are ordering a new website we ask that you provide us with some information or content about your business. By content we mean, textual content such as a description of your business including services or products as well as original photos. We can gain a better insight and understanding of what your business is about from your content. A good understanding of your business can help us to develop better sales or marketing copy as well. If you are ordering a brand new website your images will be assessed for quality. If your images are not suitable we will provide the images you need (at a small cost if they are copyrighted).  


If you already have a website then our job is much easier as we can use the content from your current website as an information source. If you have a specific textual copy that you would like published and it is well written we will tidy it up where necessary. If your website needs more content than you can provide we can add more. The amount of additional content that we can add to your website is shown in the package deals (click here for package deals). Usually, the additional content that we provide is sufficient for most websites but if more is needed there will be a separate fee (see copywriting rates).


When a visitor is looking for a particular business online they are looking for certain information. Understanding what your customers are looking for is key to placing that information where it is likely to be seen quickly. It is a statistical fact that visitors take 10-20 seconds to decide if they are going to stay on a website or leave.


Google algorithms or "crawlers" as they are commonly known scan every page of your website to determine what your website is about. They then archive that information and when a search query is made display pages that are most relevant.. Of course, as there are so many competing website pages on the internet similar to yours, it is not possible to survive on content alone. Pages must contain other features such as powerful and well placed "keywords" and "meta tags" for example, that can increase your page ranking.


SEO stands for search engine optimization and it is this task that we include with every website. A visually appealing website is useless without proper SEO having been implemented. Your website will present itself in good standing when Google algorithms crawl your site if your SEO is set up correctly.


One rule of SEO is that your content must contain "keywords". These can be a word or a combination of words which people use when searching for a particular business like yours. We research the most likely words your potential customers would use and then place these "keywords" in your sentences and titles. Again as with everything, there needs to be a balance. Putting too many keywords on a page ("keyword stuffing") could cause Google to view your page as spam and get your site ignored or positioned poorly in search results. Not putting enough can also give your site a poor result. The level of SEO we implement will ensure that you will be ranked highly, locally and will be found on search engines worldwide.


The term CMS is short for (content management system) and refers to the task of website content change. It is good SEO practice for any website even static websites to have content changes from time to time. Google algorithm crawlers will take more notice of a website that has changes or additional content. The question for website owners is who will be in charge of content management and making the changes. If you don't have the time or spare staff there's no need to panic because every CMS package we provide includes content management. This means we take care of your content management at a frequency level that is applicable to your website package.   


If this will be your first website then you will need a website name (domain name) and a domain host. Having a domain name is like renting business premises except that it exists on the cloud. If you already have a physical business location and business names, such as a restaurant or Auto repair shop obviously you can use that as your domain name. However, finding the right domain name that you may want will not be easy. Almost all organic names containing one or two words will probably be already registered.

There are certain unregistered word combinations that are free and others that can only be purchased from domain name sellers.


The availability of a name will depend on the level of competition in your particular type of business or industry. Your title must contain a keyword that describes your business and this is where the problem lies. Your competitors will use the same keyword as part of their domain name. Thankfully, Google introduced its latest algorithm, crawler "Hummingbird" recently and it means that long domain names containing 4 or 5 words get equal search preferences. It is not necessary to have a one or two-word name.

You can search for your domain name availability here (click). 


We have a lot of customers that come to us needing to change their website for a number of reasons such as -


1- The website looks outdated and needs a new facelift.

2- Not getting enough visitors.

3- Need more interactive customer features.

4- Need a better conversion rate (if customers not making purchases).

5- Too much clutter and hard to navigate.

6- Was built by a staff member just to make do.

7- SEO not working.

8- Needing more content.


If your website is not ranking well its usually because your content is too short, not original enough, not long enough or not properly written or has many grammatical errors. Why not let us find what your gremlins are and get rid of the problem, send us a message and we will take a look at your website. 

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