Patpong red-light district comprises of Soi 1,2, and 3 and is and lacks the glitter of other Bangkok red-light districts. Most venues are either hidden, wedged in between shops and market stalls. Patpong red-light district began to evolve in the late '60s and was popular amongst troops that were stationed there during the Vietnam War. During the next twenty years, it became Bangkok's largest red-light district. Today it takes third place after Soi Cowboy and Nana Plaza and has gained a reputation for the sleaziest of the three.


When visiting Patpong you will come across beggars, homeless people, as well as many touts and venue agents trying to entice you to see a show for very little money or even for free. If the venue is located on the first floor don't go there as you will get scammed. Stick to the street level gogo bars and clubs that are noticeable and are right on the tourist trail. We have listed the 16 best and most interesting venues in Patpong that are also the safest to visit as a tourist. 

All the Gogo bars are located on So1 and 2 whilst Soi 3 caters for the gay community where you will find Bangkok's finest looking ladyboys and chiseled bodied gay men. Soi 3 is home to the gay cabaret scene and lots of excellent restaurants.


Here are the best hotels that are nearest to this red-light district, click here

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1. Kings Castle one

Kings Castle 1 in Patpong Soi 1, is the biggest and arguably the best gogo bar in Patpong. Not to be confused with Kings Castle or Kings Corner which is a ladyboy cabaret bar. Kings Castle 2 is the sister gogo bar but is much smaller. This gogo bar was refurbished in 2017 and swallowed up the next doot beer garden to make what is now a large venue.


This gogo bar has so many girls everywhere that you will need a neck massage when you leave from turning every which way to follow them. At any time you will find 30 girls on rotation whilst the total amount of girls on-premises is a whopping 80-100. What's also great about this bar is that the girls are babes with slim bodies and big smiles.


The girls seem to enjoy working there and it shows through their enthusiasm. They have sexy costumes and look great especially in their silver hot pants. This place is very popular and can get very crowded at 10 pm. Get there earlier to get a good seat and wait for the happy hour discount drinks. The drink staff here are friendly and not pushy in making you buy lady drinks. A beer will cost you 200 baht and the bar fine 800 baht. Short time for girls is 3,000 baht, long time 5000-7000 baht.


The Kings Castle has cleaned up its act from previous complaints by ex-pats of inflating drink bills. The Junta has also paid them a visit and made them get rid of the young girls. If ever you visit Bangkok this gogo bar is a must to experience.

2. Kings Castle two

This gogo bar looks almost identical to Kings 1 but when you go inside you will notice some difference. The first thing you will notice is that it's much smaller and only has about half the number of girls. On stage, the girls seemed to look a bit older than at Kings Castle 1, but they were good dancers and pleasant to watch. They made the younger girls look like real beginners. I guess it takes a few good years to aquire seniority.


The drinks were 200 baht for a beer and 800 baht for bar fine and not the cheapest. Make sure you negotiate a price with the girl before you leave that way there won't be problems later. If you prefer older ladies then Kings 2 is the place as the girls are around 30 yrs of age. For younger girls, Kings 1 has them all.


This gogo bar does get busy on most nights so its best to get there before 10 pm at the latest. The drink staff are friendly and honest, the music is good and not too loud so you can have a conversation without putting on your earpiece. This gogo bar is fun-filled with happy girls and a must to visit when you come to Bangkok.

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3. Kings Corner

This gogo bar is located next to the Patpong markets and is one of the oldest gogo bars. Inside you will find a mix of females, guys and ladyboy dancers to enjoy. This gogo bar is action-packed and gets busy most nights so its best to come in before 10 pm.


You will usually find about 15 girls on stage, 10 ladyboys on another stage and a few female dancers near the bar area. Some of the girls are good dancers and worthwhile just coming there to watch them. The ladyboys are a bit pushy for you to buy them a drink. If you are not into ladyboys just be polite and look the other way.


The music is not too loud here and the DJ plays a good mix of dance music. The drink staff are friendly and won't pressure you to buy a lady drink. It's a good place to chill out and have a drink, maybe you can find a gem who knows. Drinks are 160 baht for a beer and 200 baht for a mixed drink.

4. Safari Gogo Bar

The Safari gogo bar is located on Soi 1, Patpong and is another well known and older bar. It looks a bit dated from the outside but inside there is a nicely designed medium-sized rectangular room. There are two dance floors one is on the left-hand side as you walk in and the other is out the back against a wall. The atmosphere here seems to be geared for the older generation because the DJ plays a lot of 70's and 80's music.

There are usually half a dozen girls dancing on rotation and most are good looking and a bit older than at other bars. The other bar girls and dancers are sitting down in groups looking around and hoping to get a lady drink.


The bar fine in this venue is a crazy 699 baht and I guess it's meant to be funny because it's not quite 700 baht, but I'm sure all punters will say keep the change. The drinks are quite cheap here and a beer will cost you 120 baht and 160 for mixed drinks like Whiskey and soda or Barcadi and coke. If you want to come just for a drink it's not a bad place to chill out and maybe spot a hot woman to take out.

5. Super Pussy

This venue is one that every hardcore red-light tourist must come to see even once for the shock factor but don't go alone or drunk. It is located on Soi 1 amidst the Patpong markets and there is an entry fee of 300 baht. Before you even reach this venue you will be harassed by the touts selling you tickets and of course the pussy shows. They will escort you up the narrow stairs and once you are inside they will disappear. You will find yourself being swarmed by young girls and can order a drink which is only 100 baht for a beer.


The shows are performed by much older women who obviously have been doing this for a long time. They are experts when it comes to shooting ping pong balls out of their vaginas. They can write something on a piece of paper using a fountain pen stuck inside their vagina. They can sip coke through a straw using their vaginas and empty it out into another glass, they can play darts by ejecting them out of their pussy. I could ho on but you get the drift. If you are not disturbed by what you see then you may need to see the doctor for a referral to the psychologist.


There are quite a number of ladyboys inside just walking around and trying to grab your attention and offering a handjob. Just trying to fend them off becomes uncomfortable after a while because they are persistent. The bar staff are friendly right up until its time for you to leave. When you decide to leave you will be given your drinks bill that will be 10 times more than its supposed to be. This is because you just watched a show and they will tell you that you must pay for the show or some other lame reason.  

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6. Super Star

The Superstar gogo bar is located on Soi 1, Patpong and has been around for a long time. The original owner was an American who ended up in prison for smuggling. This venue is large and there are usually 8 dancers on rotation. The gogo dancers are good and most women are attractive. If you come to this place the mamasan will bring you a girl to sit with.


They are very proactive there and money-hungry but don't be pressured into doing anything you don't want. They try and select a girl for you from the dance stage as well but just ignore them. If you don't like something you can always say" No English" and they will get the message.


The drinks here are 200 baht for a beer which is the most expensive in all the Patpong bars. If you don't see any girls there you like don't hang about too long. However, I did see a really nice one but someone else beat me to it and I missed out.

7. Thigh Bar

This gogo bar is located on Soi 1 amidst the Patpong market stalls and is a good bar to check out. It was renovated not long ago and has a good atmosphere inside. It's quite big and the stage is situated in the center with seating surrounding it. There is usually a rotation of about 7 gogo dancers every 6 or so songs.


The DJ has a good selection of music but it's pretty loud. The girls are most attractive in their early 20's and friendly and covered in tattoos. I am not a big fan of Tattoos because I don't see the beauty in them but that's just me.


If you buy a beer it's going to cost you140 baht, whiskey will be 160 baht. If you bar fine a girl there is a different system here where you pay the bar fine and the girls fee all in one to the mamasan. There must have been some trouble with honesty so the management is going hands-on to improve things. I think this bar fine system is only temporary. All in all, however, the quality of the girls was good and the drink staff was friendly. This bar is definitely one to check out.

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8. Bada Bing

Baba bing is home to the best looking gogo dancers in Patpong on Soi 2. It is one of the most popular bars especially for tourists from Korea and Japan. These tourists know where to find the best looking women and we agree with them.


The inside of this gogo bar is well set out with a good selection of DJ dance music. There is one stage in the center of the room that is separated in the middle giving an illusion of two dance floors. There is seating on either side of the dance floors and you can get a great view of the dancers because the setting is close to the stage. If you prefer something more private you can sit on one of the many sofas nearest the wall. These are usually preferred once you engage a bar girl in conversation or more intimate things.


Some dancers here are very entertaining and have out a lot of work into their routine rather than just swaying from side to side as most do. Once the dancers have finished their stage work they will try and make conversation with you. They are required to do this and it makes good business sense. This bar has been around for a long time and the management must be doing something right.


There are about 12 gogo dancers on the stage at a time and they rotate so you can have the options of seeing more girls if you choose to stay longer. When I was there I noticed half the girls on stage wearing pink tops and the other half wearing black tops. I asked the mamasan about this and was informed that there were two bar fine prices for the girls wearing each color. The girls that wore the pink tops were 200 baht cheaper at 600 for the bar fine whilst the blacktop girls were 800 baht. So I asked her why are they cheaper and she said the cheaper girls were the newer ones and that they have to work in the bar for three months before they get to wear the black tops.


This is not a common thing you will find in most bars should be because it means a punter can be even more selective bast of their preferences. Some punters like fresh girls but the trade off usually means less experience.


For those of you that just prefer to chill out there is a sepperate bar area with a flat screen Tv featuring all the latest football and soccer. If you have come here for the girls Baba Bing is one of those places where you can spend the whole night. No need to bar hop as this venue hosts the best looking girls and reasonable drink prices. A beer costs 140 baht and mixed drinks 180 bht. The drink staff are friendly, honest and dont make it a practice to inflate your bill. Bada Bing is open from 7 pm until 2.30am so get a bite to eat before you get there and enjoy a great night.

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9. Barbar Fetish Club

BarBar fetish club is a BDSM venue located on Soi 2, Patpong. You can take the BTS train to Sala Daeng station then take exit 1 and walk two blocks until you get to Soi 2. This club has been around since 2006 and caters to people interested in Bondage and discipline. There is an entrance fee of 900 baht and the doorman will ask for his tip so that would be 1,000 baht. This price will include a free drink and involvement in any club activity. All activity is voluntary and you won't be forced into anything you don't want.


The drinks are a bit on the expensive side at 300 baht which is on par with Western prices but as the mamasan told me this because they don't want cheap Charlies there. Ladies drinks are 250 baht. If you are a local ex-pat you can buy a club membership that will give you discounts for your drinks and no entry fee.


This club is for those that are into bondage, domination, and sado-masochism. It also caters for fetishes that involve as boots, feet, and legs or wax and pins, spanking, whipping and flogging. It caters to masters and submissives and there is a huge selection of toys, restraints, costumes, suspension devices, metals cages, etc. The ladies are professional and safety is always their primary concern. If you want to have a private session with any lady you can avail of their private rooms. A one and a half-hour session will cost you 3,500 baht. For a longer session of two to three hours, the cost is 4,500 baht.

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10. Black Pagoda Bar

Black Pagoda is located on the third floor of a disused factory building in Soi 2, Patpong. When you enter you will find a bar right in the middle of the room. On the right-hand side, there are two small stages for the Coyote dancers and on the left side, there are four small stages with a few girls on each. 


Upstairs on the second floor, it becomes a bit more private with comfortable sofa seating. There are more small dance stages, a pool table and a king-size bed where a couple of girls were groping one another. This floor is popular with groups and it can get very hands on here with more customers. The girls are varied, some attractive ones and some not so but it just depends on the night. The waitresses and girls don't hassle you for drinks so its a good place to chill out and see what's around. A bar fine for a regular girl is 900 baht and for a gogo dancer its 1,500 baht.   

11. Glamour Bar

The Glamour gogo bar is situated directly opposite Foodland on Soi 2 in Patpong amidst the market stalls and touts. This is a newish bar and owned by the same people that own Baba Bing. It is a good bar to visit because the girls are attractive and plentiful. The gogo bar has a stage in the center of the room which is a square shape and seating surrounds the stage.


There are usually about 10 girls on stage at a time and the rotate after about 6 songs. The price of beer is 160 baht, mixed drinks are 200 baht and the bar fine currently stands at 800 baht. This is a great bar to check out if you are in Patpong as the music is good and the drink staff are really friendly and not pushy.

12. Kings Corner two

This is a ladyboy gogo bar also located in Soi 2, Patpong. It has an elevated stage and designed a bit like a cinema and has about 10 dancers in stage at a time. There are no real females here even though you may think half of them are real females. However, unless you like ladyboys do hang around too long. Ladyboys in this venue are hungry for a bar fine and will home in on you and watch you like a hawk. If you are into ladyboys it's a great place very comfortable seating and a good DJ. The cost of beer is 160 baht and bar fines are currently 600 baht.

13. Pink Panther

The Pink Panther is a very popular and large venue in Soi 2, Patpong. This venue comprises an outdoor bar area where you can sit and watch sports while you sip a beer and the inside agogo section. Inside there are six small stages with poles that have up to two girls on each stage. There is also a Muai Thai boxing ring inside the venue that usually has nightly bouts after 11 pm. The bench seating at the venue offers great views of the girls on the stages as well as the boxing ring.


The quality of the gogo girls was impressive and there are plenty on-site to choose from. The DJ plays a good assortment of dance music and the waitresses are friendly. A beer will cost 160 baht, mixed drinks 200 baht and if you want to bar fine a girl it will cost you 800 baht. This venue is open until 2.30 am every night. The best time to go there is 8 pm as there are still many ladies that have not yet been bar fined and available.

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14. The Strip

This gogo bar is located on Soi 2, Patpong and is down a narrow side street through the markets. The venue is impressive with a long dance stage in the middle surrounded by comfortable seating. Usually, you will find 10 girls on the stage doing the Bangkok shuffle and some dancing without tops. After about 4 songs some of them are replaced with new girls. This venue has been around for a while and can get busy, so the best time to come in is before 8.30 pm.


The music here is loud so talking to the girls will be a strain. The waitresses are friendly and very prompt to get you another drink. The bar fine here is 1,000 baht for a gogo dancer and 800 baht for a normal girl. The drinks are a similar price to all the other bars.

15. The Tripple X Lounge

This bar has had a few changes recently. It was first known as the Electric Blue gogo bar. Later it was closed down and transformed into a new venue called "The Steakhouse" which was a really good restaurant. That only lasted a few months and finally, it was changed into a gogo bar now the Tripple X lounge and had its new opening on the 1st of November 2019.


This venue retains much of the original Electric Blue characteristics such as the modern theme and lighting which is a soft glow of LED's from beneath the stage and tables. There is comfortable seating surrounding the stage and the staff is friendly and not at all pushy. There are some good looking girls on the stage here and usually about half a dozen on stage that rotate after about 5 songs.


This place has yet to prove itself is so new and I haven't seen more than half a dozen punters inside when I went there. The girls need to put on a better show and learn to dance. Then again for those of you just mongering and out to find a cute girl to bar fine you can pop in for a drink and see what's there. A beer will cost you 160 baht and the bar fine is 800 baht.

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16. The Kiss

The Kiss gogo bar is located on Soi 1, Patpong and is popular that has an old school vibe of yesteryear about it. There is a big stage in the middle of the large room with comfortable seating around it. There are also a bunch of seats dotted along the walls for more privacy. These seats are usually the ones where you can be with the lady of your choice and have a drink. Here you will find a lot of nice-looking girls on and off the stage so choosing one won't be a problem.


The girls here seem to be more down to Earth than at other bars and they like to have a good time. The music is a mix of older and modern styles and the beers here are cheap at only 120 baht and a  bar fine will currently cost you 700 baht. This is definitely a bar you can stay for the whole night and not get bored.

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