The Pattaya red-light district has a very vibrant gogo bar scene and is not for the faint-hearted or a place to take your family. All the Pattaya red-light districts are designed only for adults and single men that want to experience the women and nightlife of Thailand. Pattaya has one of the most diverse and most vibrant red-light districts in Thailand and arguably the world. Although prostitution is still illegal in Thailand it is tolerated and the sex industry generates a massive amount of tourist money for the economy.


Today there are around 80 gogo bars in Pattaya each employing dozens of girls and dancers catering to foreign tourists from all over the world. The actual number of girls at each venue depends on the size of the bar and even the day of the week. The busiest days are Thursday, Friday, and Saturday and that's when the bars will have all their girls present.

In Pattaya as in all red-light districts, there are touts and venue promotion people. They are there to make a commission on every customer they bring inside and will tell you anything just to get you inside. Once you are inside the venue they disappear and if you have entered the wrong place you probably will get scammed. As a general rule do not go with any tout that is trying to sell you a free pass to a show or some hugely discounted venue. Also, don't go into dark alleys and up a flight of stairs into darkly lit venues behind curtains. Stick to the main tourist areas on the ground floor level that are brightly lit and exposed.

All gogo bars are the same in that they have a dance stage with girls moving to the music and a drinking bar. Some Gogo bars have professional pole dancers and semi cabaret showgirls doing performances.

All the girls you see on the stage can be bar fined but the cost depends on how beautiful they are and is they are a coyote dancer or a gogo dancer.


A coyote girl will charge between 1,500-3,000 baht for a short time session and up to 5,000 baht for a long time. Bar fines are also dependant on the type of girl and range from 800 baht to 1,500 baht. All the gogo bars we have listed have "happy hour" every night but it is impossible for us to keep an up-to-date record of the exact times for each bar. The cost of drinks in most venues is similar whilst the more exclusive clubs charge a lot more.


Some venues have policies that prohibit their service staff and girls to put pressure on customers to buy drinks and lady drinks. These are the venues we have selected to list here. There are many venues that are not like that and will hassle you whichever way they can to get you to spend more money. We cant name the bad venues and talk about our negative experiences whilst assessing venues because it won't be good for our website business and we may even get sued or blacklisted. Therefore we only list venues that we have had good experiences with. 

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1. Babydolls Gogo bar

This bar has become something of an institution and has won an award for the best gogo bar more than once. Its located on Soi 15, which can be accessed from the second road instead of Walking Street. This bar is similar to most others but it has a bath and mat area where some unusual shows happen whilst the girls are wet and soapy.


The venue is large with a stage in the middle and plenty of seating surrounding it. The girls usually dance topless or bottomless and some naked women dance in more intimate areas around the bar. All the dancers allow mutual involvement such as touching or even more with customers who buy them drinks.


There are usually about 50 women dotted around inside the venue whilst about ten rotate on the dance floor. This place is very hands-on and this is what distinguishes it from other bars. It's a perfect place for a group party and can get pretty crazy. It does get busy here most nights but being a big venue you will never find a shortage of seating or available women.


A ladies drink here costs 170 baht and a bar fine is 1,000 baht which is the average in most Pattaya's bars. This is a bar that is geared up for punter involvement so if you are in the mood for participation this is the place.

A girl wearing a white bikini on stage at Babydolls.jpg

2. Baccara

Baccara is a large venue spread over two floors with glass-enclosed dance floors and lots of seating. You can get to the second level via a spiral staircase but don't get to blind drunk or you may fall on the way down. The second level also has a dance floor and of course many girls.


There are usually about 14 dancers hanging onto the chrome poles and doing the two-step shuffle at a time. After about 6 songs they rotate with a new bunch but girls. There are also sexy dancers on tables so there is a lot going on. There is a show time where the more professional gogo dancers slide down the fireman's poles from above and put on an impressive show.


This venue is always popular, well known and frequented by the ex-pat locals. The girls here are attractive for the most part and friendly. The drink prices here are 150 baht for a tiger light and ladies' drinks are the same which is good.

Dancing team on stage at Baccara gogo bar.jpg

3. Bliss Gogo Bar

This gogo bar is located at the beginning of Walking street and is easy to find. This venue is medium-sized and has a long dance floor in the middle with chrome poles. The poles here do not go all the way up to the ceiling so pole dancing here is at a minimum. The girls are attractive in their white shorts and there are usually about 12 on the dance floor. After about 3 songs a few new girls are added and the others go and sit by the bar. Some girls here will dance topless which is always a good thing but I don't understand why they are not all topless because the bulges in their T-shirts look impressive.


Here you can see a good dance performance by a team of gogo dancers wearing high heels and stockings that look hotter than hell. This venue has no disappointments as far as the women are concerned and they are all friendly and fun too.


Drinks are on special some nights so if you are budget conscious you can check the board the outside girl is holding for details. Lady drinks here are 150 baht, normal girl bar fine is 1,000 baht and for a gogo dancer, it's the usual 1,500 baht. This venue is good to visit for the entertainment level, the music is not too loud and the service is great.

ten dancers on stage at the Bliss bar.jpg

4. Fahrenheit

This venue is located on Walking Street near Miami Night Club and is well known and popular. The bar consists of two levels with bars and dance stages on both levels. The downstairs level has a long stage with surrounding seating whilst the upstairs section is used for special events or functions and is closed other than that.


The girls here are attractive and there are lots of them both on and off the stage. The gogo dancers are entertaining and they rotate often. There are usually about 10 girls on the stage at a time and some are topless. Management has obviously selected the topless dancers based on the size of their breasts. These breasts are so perfect they almost look fake.


The ladies here are laid back and won't hassle you for a lady's drink so if you just want to sit and watch the gogo dancers it's fine. As always the best looking ladies are to be found early on in the night so come before 9 pm. A Tiger light will cost you 140 baht and ladies drink 160 baht. The bar fine is 1,000 baht for the average girl and 1,500 baht for a gogo dancer. This gogo bar is great for the quality of women, entertainment and service.

Three girls stading beside a stage at Fahrenheit bar.jpg

5. Glass House Agogo

This gogo bar is just a short distance away from Walking Street, Pattaya. When you go inside the bar you will need to walk around a bit because it is L shaped. If you don't go inside far enough you may not realize there is another stage around the corner.


There are usually about 14 girls on each stage doing the Pattaya shuffle but there are a fair amount of attractive girls to make it interesting enough to stay for more than one drink. The girls rotate every 2 songs and you get to see new girls frequently. There are many girls that are not dancing that are eager for a lady's drink standing around but are not pushy.


This venue does get very busy but there is always a seat available because its a big place. They have a regular show time where the professional pole dancers come and do their part. The atmosphere here is relaxed and the drinks staff are not pushy. A good place to find a good looking lady and chill out together.

two dancers on stage at Glass House bar.jpg

6. Lighthouse

The Lighthouse gogo bar is located on Walking Street, Pattaya and is opposite the Mandarin Bar.

It doesn't look much from the outside but inside it has a decent atmosphere. There are 3 stages in total that comprise of 2 stages with capacity for 6 girls and one stage for two girls. The seating is lined up on both sides of the walls and the dancers rotate by moving from left to right. This means if you sit at the far end of the stage long enough you will see every dancer eventually.


The ladies here are good looking and have firm slim bodies. All in all, this is a friendly bar and not pushy for lady drinks. If you want a particular type of girl, for example, you may want a spinner, then go and ask the mamasan. There are some spare ladies out the back that come out on request.

The bar fine here is 1,500 baht and ladies' drinks are 150 baht. If you are looking for a lady companion come before 9 pm because later it can get busy.  


12 ladies standing on stage at Lighthouse bar.jpg

7. Palace Gogo bar

This is a fun bar to visit and located in the middle of Walking street next to Sweethearts gogo bar.

Inside this venue, the room is nicely designed and it's long and narrow with the dance stage in the center. The seating is along the wall but very close to the stage for great views.


There are many good looking dancers here that rotate frequently every 2 songs. This is always a good thing so that you can see what is available without sitting there too long and slowly getting drunk. At any one time, there are 10 girls on stage and the music is not too loud which means you can hear and talk easily.


This bar is very much hands-on, so your hands are free to roam here. The girls are very eager to have fun and are friendly. This bar should be on your list when in Pattaya.

A gogo dancer on stage at the Palace bar.jpg

8. Sapphire bar

This famous bar is located on Soi 15, Pattaya and has great looking girls. The ambiance inside the bar is cool and there is a stage in the middle that accommodates 20 girls at a time. There are stadium seats all along the walls on either side and there is a perverts row closest to the stage for the best view.


Here you will see a few very cute spinners and attractive ladies on stage all dressed up in their skimpy attire. If you are looking for a dance show, unfortunately, that won't happen here as most just stand on the stage. If you are looking to bar fine a girl buy her a ladies drink immediately because all the girls here have to take turns and stand outside the main entry.


A bar fine here is 1,600 baht and even more for the really beautiful looking girls but you pay for what you get. With so many attractive girls in one place, Sapphire bar it's definitely worth a visit.

A gogo dancer on stage at the Sappire club.jpg
Three ladies on stage at the Sapphire Club.jpg

9. Sugarbaby gogo bar

This bar is located right on Walking Street in Pattaya and is worth the visit. Inside you will find narrow a stage in the middle with black leather padded bench seats close to the dance floor. There is always action here such as 3 girls engaging in a threesome on a mattress on one side of the stage. There is another small stage on the right-hand side where two girls put on a sex simulation in the nude. In the back, they have a glass shower enclosure with a few girls doing their thing inside.


This is a hands-on place so make sure you make the most of it because the girls are always up for it here. The gogo dancers here are friendly and will come up to you so if you want to play with her you should buy her a ladies drink to be fair. This place has a party atmosphere with the punters getting involved with the girls on stage. This bar is definitely one to check out if you are in the party mood.

Four gogo dancers sitting down at table.jpg

10. Windmill Club

This gogo bar is located in Soi Diamond and is the sister bar to Sugarbaby. This club is big and covers two floors with small dance floors dotted around. On the main dance floor, there are usually 6 girls dancing on the chrome poles and two girls on the smaller stages. There is erotic action between a few girls going on in more intimate parts of the club just like at Sugarbaby.


The gogo dancers are friendly and will come up to you for some hands-on fun. It's a hands-on place so don't worry about inhibition and have fun. The upstairs room has the same sort of action and is good for a function or group party. This venue is popular so come early if you decide to look for some outside company. 

A girl laying down on a sofa at Windmill bar.jpg

11. The Dollhouse

This bar is located on Soi 15 just a short walk off Walking street. Inside the bar, you will find a lot of action. The stage in the middle is rectangular and usually has about 15 dancers at a time. On the left-hand side, there are two girls dancing on a tabletop. Towards the back, there is a glass shower containment with two girls doing an erotic show with soap and water.


There is a happy hour here daily and you can buy a beer for just 45 baht and get drunk cheaply. The girls here are friendly and the bar fine starts at 800 baht for a regular girl and 1,500 baht for a gogo dancer. The Dollhouse has a good lineup of girls, friendly staff and worth a look if you are in Pattaya.

Gogo dancers on stage at the Dollhouse.jpg

12. Iron Club

This gogo bar is located halfway up Walking street and is very popular. Inside there are a couple of narrow dance floors with a Jacuzzi in between them and the seating is against the walls. There are usually half a dozen gogo dancers on each of the two stages which can dance well. In between the two stages, there is plenty of erotic action with the girls in the jacuzzi. 


The girls here are attractive which is always a good thing. This bar gets busy most nights due to the location so if you want a seat come before 8 pm. The waitresses are friendly and the gogo dancers will come to you and chat that's if you can hear them over the thumping loud music. Just to see them grinding on your lap is usually enough anyway.


The drinks are a bit pricey here but that seems to be common wherever there are attractive girls in a club. A tiger beer will cost you 165 baht and a ladies drink 220 baht. This bar is fun and gets crazy with a variety of unusual acts and shows. Definitely well worth the visit because the girls are hot.

A dancer on the stage at Iron club.jpg

13. What's up and Imagine

This venue is located on Soi 15, Pattaya and is a great bar to visit. The inside of this bar looks more like a nightclub with its red and black colorings. The shows here are original and spectacular with lots of theatrical drama and movement. Even more attractive are the girls and there are lots of them.


There are usually about a dozen gogo girls dancing to some well-rehearesed choreography work on stage. These girls have great looking firm bodies and look like trained dancers when putting on their entertaining show. These girls not only dance well they are very friendly and accomodating. This venue has the best shows, girls and staff service on Walking street and is a must to see for all-round entertainment. The price of drinks and bar fine is higher than in most places but you pay for an unforgettable Pattaya experience.

A theatrical and dance show on stage at Imagine bar.jpg

14. Infinity

This bar is located in the middle of Walking street opposite Sweethearts agogo. Inside the bar is ambient with a great light show and the stage is right in the middle with close seating.


The rather narrow venue has been carefully designed with mirrors to make it look wider but it has a great purple theme and ambiance. The light show and sound system are arguably the best in Pattaya.


The drink prices here are higher than most places but the quality of the girls and service is worth it. This place gets very busy most nights and it can be hard to get a seat sometimes so come early.

Dancing girls on stage at Infinity bar.jpg

15. Heaven Above 

This gogo bar is located in Soi Diamond, Walking street and is a venue that has the ambiance of the old traditional agogos. If you like cheap drinks this place has early and late happy hour session where the drinks are half price. They have a constant supply of draft beer which is always good and the drinks staff are friendly.


There is a big stage in the center of the room with about 15 gogo dancers on stage at a time. Some rotate after every two songs so you get a pretty good look at each of the girls before they come off stage. Heaven Above gogo has so many girls not just on stage, but dotted throughout the venue. There are usually about 70 on hand every night and they are mostly all attractive and slim. Some of the girls here are models and absolutely stunning.


The bar fine here is 1,000 baht but the girls are very negotiable and short time can be had for 1,500 baht. Many of the girls here come from Isaan and change frequently. This bar is one of the best for the great looking friendly and innocent girls and well worth a visit.

A lady standing by the bar at Heaven Above bar.jpg
A woman standing by a bar at Heaven Above bar.jpg

16. Wicked Bar

This nice gogo bar is located in Soi 6, Pattaya and is a fun place to visit where you can relax and have a beer or play pool. Soi 6 street is famous for restaurants, live music venues, massage shops, condos, and hotels so its a handy place to visit as well. This venue has been around since 2009 and has had half a dozen different foreigner owners.


This bar has an outside open fronted area if you just want to chill out and watch the people walking by. You can watch all the sports activities as well on one of the many flat-screen TVs. Inside you will find 15 beautiful girls that will greet you and want to sit with you. The girls are not pushy so if you don't like any of them let them know nicely.


If you happen to go inside there are some bigger tables that have a red button in the center. This button is if you want to buy everyone at the table a drink. If you get a table full of girls you can, of course, buy them all a drink if money is not a problem. 

A group of girls standing outside the Wicked bar.jpg

17. Annabels Agogo

This gogo bar is located between Soi 14 and 15 next to "Sugar Baby" agogo on Walking street, Pattaya. It first opened in 2017 and used to be known as the "G Spot" but had its name changed. It hasn't changed much other than by name and still has the same owners.


The interior has a nice dance floor with ten girls on rotation. The girls are average looking but there were a few spinners there from Patpong. The service staff are friendly and not too pushy. The price of Tiger beer is 120 baht and mixed drinks are 150 baht. The bar fine is 1,000 baht and short time for a girl is 1,500 baht.

Dancing girls on stage at Annabels gogo bar.jpg

18. Misty's Club

Mistys has been around for more than 20 years and is somewhat of an institution. It is located in the middle of Walking Street and has two floors. Inside the ambiance is that of an old-world traditional bar with the stage in the center position. There are comfortable seats surrounding the stage with tables and chairs dotted throughout the venue in more secluded pockets.


The girls here are attractive and there are just so many to choose from. On a busy night, there are in excess of 70 girls here. There are usually 15 girls on the center stage at any one time and some pole dancers that knew what they were doing. ladies here are laid back and won't bother you unless you give them a sign. Drinks are well priced and there is an Australian style BBQ every Thursday for dinner.

This venue is Western owned and they make sure foreigners are well catered for. This club is friendly and definitely one to visit when you are in Pattaya.

Dancing girls standing on two stages at Misty's club.jpg

19. Taboo Club

This venue is located on Walking street next to the "Tankay seafood" restaurant.

This is a Western-style type of club that has a classy ambiance with leather padded walls and seating including high back chairs surrounding small stages that accommodate a few girls at a time. The music is not your typical gogo bar dance music but includes, Latin and Hip Hop as well. This bar has become very popular since it opened in 2015 and gets very busy in the high season.


The girls here are beautiful, slim and friendly. The drinks are varied from cocktails to champagne and draught beer is 120 baht and 80 baht during happy hour. The lady's drinks are 190 baht for the coyote dancers and 220 baht for the gogo dancers. This venue is more expensive in every way than most other bars but you pay for the service and the quality of the women.

Dancing ladies on stage at the Taboo club.jpg

20. Sugar Sugar

This is one of the most popular clubs in the Soi LK Metro area, Pattaya. Here you will find an assortment of beautiful dancers and gogo girls. You can come here and enjoy the dance shows or just chill out with a drink. The staff and girls are very friendly and accommodating. 

three dancers on stage at Sugar Sugar club.jpg