Australian quarantine illegal under biosecurity act 2015

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

I will show you in this article solid proof that it is illegal for the Australian government to force you into a lockdown, get vaccinated, and everything else that you are told to do as a result of this COVID virus.  The lockdowns, wearing of masks, being guaranteed, writing your name into a book, social distancing and everything else is illegal under the federal biosecurity act of 2015 which state governments deliberately ignore. The state laws are superseded by this federal act that nobody known about. No premier or politician can go on television and announce new rules and laws whenever they feel like it because under this act they are null and void. 

The reason your government is getting away with making their own rules is that the average citizen has no idea that what the government is doing is actually illegal. People are not lawyers nor do they know what laws there are that protect their rights and that protect them from the behavior of their government. Rules and regulations are not written into law unless passed by federal parliament and written as acts. State politicians and other leaders are fear mongering people into obedience through the mass media and getting away with it. This has now been going on since February and as a result, the economy has been destroyed to the point of no return.

Businesses that are destroyed will not come back and nor will the jobs that have been lost. Both the mainstream media and government have big questions to answer that nobody has yet been asking, which is, when will this madness stop and the true laws of the land prevail. People are waking up in greater numbers and this has the potential to cause a revolution unlike we have ever seen.

Politicians are hell-bent on power and control and do not follow the law or may simply not be aware of the law in the first place. Whatever the case may be citizens have been duped my the mainstream media and politicians into believing that the COVID virus will kill you and therefore you should follow whatever your government says. You are also duped into believing that if the government orders you to do something that it's legally binding, when in fact this act that was passed by the Australian parliament in 2015 makes their demands totally illegal and their behavior treasonous. The police force is being used as a weapon to force people to comply with government rules that have not been passed by parliament and do not comply with the biosecurity act. 

The police simply follow the instructions given by the government and do not understand that you have rights under the biosecurity act and under the constitution. They think that they are immune from prosecution but by enforcing the government's current demands they are themselves breaking the law and could easily be prosecuted in a higher court. In fact, the police officers who arrest you for not complying can be sued for false arrest and assault if they manhandle you.

police on horseback patrolling the streets.

Police are operating beyond their powers and in contradiction to their oaths and have also been duped into thinking that they are doing the right thing by following their orders. However, the buck stop with the premiers, health ministers, and other leaders, and soon they will face a class action in the Supreme court.

People's rights are being trampled whilst the politician's actions are destroying the economy, people's jobs and businesses that will never return again. Next year the prediction is that as more people wake up to these governmental crimes there will be an uprising that they will be unable to control.

This is not only an Australian problem this is a worldwide problem that is part of a much greater agenda. If you follow the right news such as independent news channels you will soon learn that most countries in the world are being turned into totalitarian states headed by power-hungry politicians who are fulfilling the will of the giant corporations and (agenda 21). All politicians currently in power have been brought by the corporations to help implement this new world order which when final will be worse than communism or fascism. Strong words you say? Just do your own research and here are some very good Youtube links to start with;

Whilst they tell us China is the big enemy they follow everything that China does in relation to the control of their citizens and the COVID virus. You are being so duped and if you don't think this is the case one day you will when it's already far too late. Laws are being changed in regards to free speech and anyone daring to have an opinion is being made illegal if it's against the government's will. There has never been more urgency to wake up because the economy is being killed and our future is never going to be what it was last year. I am convinced that the COVID virus is being used as a tool and a disguise to introduce new draconian laws, take away all freedom of speech, and to turn every country into a tyrannical state.

Australian Lawyer Serene Teffaha is one of a few brave lawyers in the fight to expose the truth. Here is a video by lawyer Serene Teffaha as she explains the biosecurity act in more detail.

The Biosecurity Act 2015

This is a federal law that covers everything that we are currently dealing with during this COVID pandemic and should be researched by everyone who cares about their rights.  The biosecurity act supersedes all other acts that have to do with public health and emergency measures allowed by the government, and what can and cannot be forced on citizens.

Serene says that, what is important right now is that people understand that laws operate on a framework, which means a series of laws that relate to each other as a whole. Politicians cannot just make up a new law whenever they want unless it has been first past by parliament and written in law. All the mandatory rules and regulations people are been given have not been passed by parliament into law, they are just Mayors or premier's own rules and regulations. These politicians are rogues and do not care about following the normal practices, Why? Because people have been complying.

Section 8

This section of the Act is the most important because it does not limit the exclusion or operation of a state that is capable of operating concurrently under this act. In plain English, this means no other law can contravene this act and that whatever new law any state or territory government implements must be within the requirements of this act. This act is the boss and is above all other laws.

Section 475

When can a state of emergency be applied? This section of the biosecurity act of 2015 states that only a governor-general can do so and on the 18th of March the governor general declared a state of emergency. The states and territories can do so as well as long as it is carried out under the laws of the act. This pertains to the sort of emergency measures the government is allowed to make.

Section 477

This section of the act sets out the requirements for the health minister and what he is allowed to do during the emergency period. These requirements pertain to persons, places, goods, and conveyances.  The act prohibits anyone from asking to take your temperature, asking you to wear certain clothing or equipment (mask), vaccinating, medicating, testing, or contact tracing.

Politicians or other leaders cant just come up with implementations randomly as they have done. Why? Because this section pertains to the assessment of health risks, meaning a person must be proven to be a risk or be sick first and foremost before any requirements as mentioned can be implemented on that person. It is important to note that you are considered under this act to be healthy and not sick UNTIL PROVEN OTHERWISE before any such things can be asked of you and only implements by an AUTHORIZED person.

No laws can require you to be bodily sampled, vaccinated, detained, isolated, wear a mask, etc unless it's under specific and strict circumstances as mentioned under sections 60 and 61.

Section 60

This section deals with what needs to be done to impose the things mentioned to be carried out on someone and when. These are 1- when an individual has symptoms and signs of a listed human disease. 2 – When an individual has been exposed to a listed disease 3- When an individual has failed an entry requirement ONLY IF YOU ARE SICK. I will repeat it again ONLY IF YOU ARE SICK AND meaning only if you have signs and symptoms and only if an authorized officer can do so.

Section 61

This section specifies the order that must be issued to you before any testing or rules can be given to you if you are sick. Perfectly healthy people should not be required to do anything because the presumption under the biosecurity act is that you are healthy until you are proven sick. Just like you are innocent until proven guilty which has always been the case. However, politicians have twisted the law to meet their own agenda.

If an employer or a university asks you to get vaccinated you can simply say

1- Are you an authorized officer?

2- Am I a risk and has a doctor assessed my risk status?

3- Do you have a biosecurity control order? If the answer to any question is no, then your employer or anyone else even your government cant require you to have a vaccination. They can recommend it but they have no legal power to force you. If you are an employer and you aren't authorized then you don't have any legal right to make that your policy or condition of employment.

This section also relates to the control order of the biosecurity act that applies to an individual. The order must supply just some of the following and nobody can force you to do anything without this order. The order can only be issued to you for the following reason:

1- The reason under which the order is imposed

2- The listed human disease.

3- signs or symptoms of the disease.

4- A person's rights to review. You have rights of review and that doesn't go away simply because your government says that on this occasion it goes away.

The public health and mental well being act of 2008 is another piece of legislation that deals with a control order and the requirements that apply when issued to a person. There have been recent amendments to section 117 and 123 to bring this act also in line with the biosecurity act. No order can be given to a group or community or nation of people as every person who has been proven to be sick must be issued with their own order after being qualified by a doctor to be sick from a listed infectious disease first. Therefore no premier of any state can go on television and announce new regulations and make you follow their new rules because they are null and void under the law.

Serene says that, the current testing for COVID does not actually confirm a diagnosis meaning that you have the disease. They in fact only show an RNA that every living person has as a result of their own immune system having once had a similar infection. Just because you may have tested positive (in tests that are flawed) doesn't mean you are infectious, so get over it.

people walking in the street with masks on their face.

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