Thai Airlines goes into the Restaurant business

Never could anyone have imagined that a major world airline such as Thai airlines would be known for anything other than flying passengers around the world. With 98% of its aircraft fleet grounded since late March and hundreds of lay-offs from ground staff, flight attendants to pilots, Thai Airlines has come up with a new niche and a world's first.

It's only in times like this one need’s to be able to think outside the box and the airline's catering manager Varangkana Luerojvong was able to do just that. As a result, Thai airways has managed to rescue it's dying catering and service sector by creating a restaurant. They have done this by transforming their run-down cafeteria in Bangkok into a restaurant serving, wait for it, the same airline food that they used to serve when they were once an airline. Yes, the food that some of you loved so much to make you fly next time again is now being served on the ground.

Who would have thought that opening such a venture would become popular so quickly? The restaurant was mobbed by local Thai's right from the opening day who have continued to show their love for the airline's great food by gobbling down 2,000 meals a day. The restaurant is fitted out complete with spare airplane seats, spare airline parts, and spare flight attendants in full uniform. Thai airline's new venture has had a flying start and if things continue there will be more across the country according to officials. Now people can look forward to "chicken or beef" followed by "coffee or tea" as part of the new norm. The restaurant is currently only open on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday but if things continue to go well there are plans for opening 7 days a week at the airline's Silom and Larnluang offices. Thai airlines were one of the world's most popular airlines with an unblemished safety record and exceptional Thai service but this is the only bit of success it has been able to muster since flights were grounded. To make matters even worse the airline is currently undergoing bankruptcy proceedings. We hope that a solution can be found and that Thai airlines will one day fly again (before the fleet of grounded planes turn into a pile of rust).

Thai airlines plane in the sky.

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