Thailand red-light districts dying from pandemic

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

If you think your bars girls will be waiting for you with open arms or the red-light districts will return to normal you are mistaken. The red-light districts along with the bars, clubs and restaurants are all dying from the pandemic. This article will seem like a rant but there is so much to tell you and would take a couple of books to bring most readers up-to-date before being able to appreciate what I am saying. This article will plant a seed in your mind that hopefully will grow if you water it (keep researching the things this article will talk about.

In 2020 we entered a New World Order by the use of a Novel (meaning a fictional) virus. Do you think they called it novel corona virus for nothing? What you are about to read will only appeal to some of you, the rest of you will have a knee jerk reaction and think we are conspiracy theorists making this all up.

An empty red-light district in Thailand

Nobody likes to be duped but the government has duped us all and if you want to go back to the way things were in 2019 you have to know you've been duped and then fight back through non compliance. By fighting back I mean refusing to comply with the ridiculous rules like wearing a mask and social distancing. Of course, if you are living in Thailand or other Asian countries you have to comply with whatever you are told or you will end up in some filthy prison awaiting deportation. If you are living in the West then you must stop complying, bring like minded people together, form communities and save yourselves because this is a war on the people not a virus..

The flu kills on average of 500,000 people each year around the world. Why are those deaths not talked about just as much in the news? Because they don't want you to know that, they want you to think every death is a COVID death. The hospitals are making so much money because COVID deaths are worth more than flu deaths. Every type of death earns a hospital money. People with real health problems are told to stay at home. Can you believe this? A virus no worse than the common flu has locked down the entire world and changed your freedom forever and, yes, its BULLSHIT. We are going to expose more of this fraud in future articles.

Remember 9/11? are you one of those people that still believe in what Bush told you? Do you think that Muslims belonging to Abu Sayaf flew those jetliners into the world trade center? Not one tiny piece of an airplane was ever recovered from any impact site?. That incident was also planned in order to attack an innocent sovereign country called Iraq and other countries that since followed. That event was the birth of the catchphrase "terrorist" which is used to stereotype ordinary citizens. Just look at the level of security at airports, Malls and if you speak up about a controversial issue you are also labeled a terrorist as well. Any free speech anyone?

The COVID virus plan-demic is a planned pandemic, planned at the "event 201" that discussed what the world would do if faced with a pandemic 6 weeks before the COVID pandemic was reported by the media in China. This pandemic was planned and is part of the New World Order and "agenda 21" and it's here to stay but not before it destroys all your sovereign freedom, your business, your job, and your happiness. The media is spreading fear and purposely not reporting the reality of the economic catastrophe this pandemic is causing and focusing on the number of deaths instead.

The current unemployment figures are the worst since the great depression and are going to get far worse. People have lost their jobs without any further chance of employment and businesses have closed their doors forever. Food shortages are planned as farmers are pushed out of business as well. The only winners are the globalists and elite who have planned this for their own agendas. This is a war, not against an invisible enemy as puppet Trump puts it, but against the people.

The plan of this pandemic is to bring people to their knees so that they will gladly accept new draconian laws and of course Bill Gates famous fake vaccine so he can get even richer injecting the foul concoction into 8 billion people. They have figured out that people will comply with their stupid regulations in return for things to get "back to normal". The scary thing is that new laws are being passed behind closed doors that will enable them to come into your home and force vaccinate you.

Just like 9/11 which was created using model jetliners in the Hollywood studio then released on-air through the media, this pandemic has been planned to bring about the New World Order through fear and psychological torture. This new order will trick everyone into believing that total surveillance unlike anything we have seen before will be warranted so they can know who is infected and who is not. They make the problem and then make the solution to the problem they made in the first place. The solution is what their real agenda is wanting.

There's no doubt that the COVID pandemic has hit the red-light areas very badly as well as all tourist-related businesses. Many have already closed up and left. The government has abandoned its duty of care for business owners with social distancing laws and followed their orders. This year 2020 is going to go down in history and next year possibly could be even worse.

International tourists are the main thing the Thailand economy is needing right now and may come in small numbers towards the end of the year but it will be too little too late. Most people are just not aware of the big picture and that this is total bullshit.

Tourist related businesses closed with empty streets

Here is one comment from an anonymous Westerner that recently flew domestically in Thailand - Today I flew air Asia from Surat Thani to Bangkok. Only had a temperature check at check-in and on landing. I had a 3-hour wait at Bangkok airport prior to boarding and then flew to Chiang Mai again. Had a temperature check at check-in and before boarding. All passengers of all nationalities were given a simple form to fill in. On arrival at Chiang Mai airport, we had to hand this form in before we collected our baggage. All Farang's were taken aside for inspection of the form and were just asked a few questions such as -

1. Where I had just traveled from?

2. How long I have been in Thailand?

3. Where was I in Thailand when COVID broke out?.

4. Where I had been staying during the COVID lockdown?.

All was easy the officials at Chiang Mai airport were just acting on the air of caution. They spoke good English. There was no mention of any quarantine whatsoever. Social distancing was practiced professionally during gate at airports and both when boarding and disembarking the aircraft. The journey from start to finish with Air Asia was smooth.

Isn't it funny how people just think this bullshit is justified even necessary whilst the NAZI police ask for your papers, and just believe in the government not realizing they are being treated like idiots by fascist minded authorities?. Just try and protest and you will be in prison before you know it in Thailand.

The fact is that more people have died from the common flu this year worldwide than from covid19, so the question is why have they closed down the entire world? If you wear a mask or stay at home and if the virus is airborne (which it isn't according to real science) those actions would not protect you anyway.

The West is looking up to the Chinese and admires the way the Chinese control their citizens with total surveillance and fear. This is what every country that has participated in this COVID pandemic wants. Only total control of the population is going to create a slave race but they are not quite there yet. Don't forget that Sweden and Belarus have no problems with COVID 19 after never having a lockdown or requiring anyone to wear masks. If you live in a Western country that has COVID restrictions your future will never be what it was in 2019 and if you think everything is going back to normal you are gravely mistaken.

This pandemic is being used by government as a way of making radical changes all in the name of public safety. Social distancing regulations have already caused huge damage to an already troubled red light district and the Thai government now wants to get rid of them as well. It's becoming clear that the Thai government is using this pandemic as an opportunity to destroy the red-light districts. There are a number of highly influential people that want the red-light district gone because they are located on prime real estate. Mayors and other politicians have been paid off and will oblige.

If the Malls, Public transport, and the beaches are open there should be no reason why bars cannot be open. There are just as many people in the supermarket as there are in a bar or a nightclub. No virus, if it was even airborne, would be choosing who to invade. However, the town officials continue to make claims that a nightclub has more people in close proximity and is therefore high risk, which is total nonsense and has no medical or scientific evidence to back it up.

The red-light district in Cebu.

Total government control

Governments want to have more control over the masses and are going to impose stricter laws to further attack human rights and freedom. Social distancing and wearing masks, washing your hands etc. is simply an exercise to train the masses to become used to doing what they are told.

There is no evidence in any medical literature that shows viruses spread through the air or can be picked up through human touch. Doctors that have spoken up were quickly silenced, fired or ignored by the media. A virus is not even a living thing it's something your own body produces as a way of cleansing itself.

The scariest part of this whole plan-demic is that people are believing this bullshit line hook and sinker. There are no actual laws that have been passed by parliament as to what you must do, they are all executive orders and mayors demands which are not actual law. Even if it was law, people on mass can protest, and if you don't protest there is no change and if you stay complicit you give away your sovereignty. If half the population woke up from their deep sleep and became defiant this pandemic would not have come so so far.

People do as they are told because they think it will all be over sooner if they stay calm and conform to what is required of them. I got news for you, this thing ain't gonna be over for a very long time so you'd better get used to wearing your mask and going into lockdown again and again in the future.

Lockdown is an offensive word taken from the prison system and just the use of that word against ordinary citizens shows you what they think of you. As for air travel, it will never get back to what it used to be because they don't want you to be able to travel anywhere, they can't control you if you do. They want you at home where they can watch you more easily.

People social distancing at the entrance to a Mall.

Satellites can track people on the ground but have a problem distinguishing people when they are in close proximity. Social distancing allows the satellite to find whomever it's looking for more effectively. Oh did I mention drones? A great way of taking out terrorists (those people that don't conform), and it's coming in the future too. Satellites and drones work together, identify, target, and destroy. Satellites in scientific language are actually referred to as ultra-high orbital vehicles, what we think of as satellites don't exist as such.

Youtube used to be good until they took down all the good independent truther channels. Now most are gone but some channels are allowed to continue so that public opinions can be monitored by the powers in charge. They need to track public opinion to know how their agenda is doing. However such channels are not allowed more than about 50,000 views and if a video gets 500,000 views it's taken down immediately. David Icke got 1 million views in about one week about the COVID 19 truth and got taken down for good. Is that not censorship?

Countries such as Sweden and Belarus have not had any worsening of the pandemic by refusing to lockdown and it is just further proof that this is indeed a conspiracy even greater than 9/11. Even Italy which was used by the media for its propaganda campaign to propagate mass hysteria and fear has now come out with totally different causes of death statistics.

Italy which has the highest number of elderly people in Europe reported false statistics (under bribery) and 98% of those people died from age-related and disease-related illnesses and not COVID 19. All the burials that we saw on TV were staged. It is a scientific fact that the true cause of anyone's death can only be determined through an autopsy, that's why we have coroners reports.

Death figures have been revised now that the fear and panic has subsided and sanity is starting to prevail. The true death figures from COVID are a fraction of that previously believed. Why is it that many nurses and hospital workers are now out of work?. If the pandemic was as huge as they claimed then hospitals should have been overflowing with sick patients and there should have been a massive shortage of nurses and doctors, yet hospitals have been largely empty worldwide and nurses told to go home.

Every year the seasonal flu kills half a million people worldwide and so far COVID 19 hasn't even come close to those numbers even though the numbers have been exaggerated.

I don't remember the world being shut down when we had any influenza outbreak and even the 1911 Spanish flu didn't cause a world lockdown. The testing kits have been proven to give false readings and give a positive result to healthy people who have never been sick. If as they say a lot of people have had covid19 but didn't even know it why in the hell have you locked the world down? There is obviously a reason for this and it is well known that Bill gates who has proclaimed himself as some kind of messiah is using this whole event to make money from his upcoming fake vaccines.

Bill Gates promoting his vaccine.

The polio vaccine took 20 years to develop and polio wasn't eradicated by the vaccine as we were brainwashed to believe. Polio simply vanished on its own accord and not because of the vaccine and if a vaccine was never given nothing would have changed. People have been brainwashed and still believe that vaccines have stopped the spread of so many diseases but ask any virologist professor and they will tell you that people who get influenza shots every year still get the flu. Vaccines are a scam, period.

I urge you to listen to these two very highly qualified doctors -

Dr. Andrew Kaufman and

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny that have risked their careers by speaking out. There are others but these two doctors have easy to understand information and are not funded by anyone to push any agenda, they speak the truth and give you the real medical facts.

People are still under fear of this invisible enemy that hasn't even made a mark on anyone's health and happily wear their masks. Have you witnessed someone entering a Mall being stopped by the guard and turned back because they have a fever? Have you seen people dying in the streets? Overflowing hospitals with covid19 patients? The government seems to think you are too stupid to quarantine yourself or to know if you have a fever and think that you need to be told what to do.

Any person that is not feeling well and has a fever could instead just be asked to quarantine themselves instead of treating everyone as it they have the virus. So why was this type of solution simply not put into law instead of penalizing the world economy, peoples jobs, and businesses? because the name of the game is to destroy the economy of every country.

Government leaders have been bribed with millions of dollars to implement this fascist agenda in their countries. Doctors have also been bribed to spread false science and the media to brainwash the masses with propaganda and fear.

If this pandemic was really caused by a virus that could spread through the air, no amount of lockdown or social distancing would have worked anyway. If viruses as this one were real then they could come through locked doors and wouldn't stop at your front door just because it's closed. Masks offer zero protection and social distancing wouldn't stop a virus that is airborne from jumping from one person to another. What proof is there if this virus even existed that it doesn't infect people more than 6 feet apart? Who came up with 6 feet? What if it was one mile? It's all based on fear porn and has no scientific value.

Even the word "lockdown" is offensive as this word comes from the prison system. The mere fact that this word was used is another sign of the arrogance of governments and disregard for its citizens. I dread to think what the rules will be for the second wave of this plan-demic novel fake virus that is yet to come. I hope it makes people really mad and stop complying because it's really nothing more than bullshit.

There will be many of you who cannot accept that they were duped by their government and will say that articles like this are nonsense. Unfortunately for them, they are exactly the type of people their government wants because it shows that they are brainwashed and controllable. In years to come when all this hysteria and bullshit is over the truth will rise to the surface just like with 9/11.

Those people that are awake saw that this pandemic was planned right from the beginning but they were people who have researched many conspiracies and know what is going on and how the world works. Why is Bill Gates who has no medical background pushing for vaccinations? because his companies stand to make a trillion dollars profit out of producing vaccines. Of course some countries will produce their own vaccines but these vaccines will just be placebo's.

The fact is that no vaccine has ever cured a disease. Polio went away by itself and not because of the vaccine. People have immune systems that are capable of developing immunity. It is now becoming evident that the Spanish flu was caused by the vaccine soldiers were given during WW1 which destroyed their immune system. Why aren't doctors coming out and saying what they know? Because they fear loosing their positions. There will be more doctors coming forward in the future but by then the economy will be destroyed.

As mentioned the full economic effect of this pandemic has only just started to rear its ugly head. Every thinking person should be asking the same question which is why was the entire world put on lockdown and businesses and jobs destroyed forever. This question is not yet being asked because everyone still thinks that once the lockdown is over everything will return to normal. Let me tell you that nothing will ever be normal again because the world has been given a "new norm".

Even President Duterte of the Philippines who was a staunch critic of anything that the West did and who hated the human rights council, the UN, the international court, and anything else that was not of Filipino origin, bowed down to the WHO.

It is becoming clear that leaders were given multi million dollar bribes to go along with this agenda that wants all economies destroyed so that it can buy entire countries for cents to the dollar. Once that happens we will become their slaves, totally surveilled, own nothing and have no civil rights and liberties. The vaccine will not only kill your immune system it will make people sterile. This will reduce the world population over a generation to 500 million as stated on the Georgia Guide stones.

The media has kept quiet over the state of the world economy. Instead televising the riots over the death of a black man as a diversion and time filler. Black men are killed by police every week and amount to more than one thousand annually but it's only when a film is shown on the propaganda news that it becomes an issue. Was the killing real? I have my doubts, it does seem a bit surreal.

Do you really think that a normal cop would commit murder while being filmed? There are so many ways a cop can subdue someone, such as using a stun gun, batons, or even pulling your gun out and threatening to shoot and it wasn't even like the cop was on his own. If you cant see that this was all staged then you have a lot of waking up to do.

This was a false flag carried out like so many false flags before to arouse a certain public sentiment and in this case to create protests. These protests will be used as a reason to further militarize the police and possibly to ban protests altogether in the future. Imagine how happy the government would be to have people locked in their homes unable to protest about anything.

Links to educate yourself

"Richie from Boston" is up-to-date on what's going on and always a great source of info, He is an ex-military veteran and lives off-grid so the authorities can't find him, not because he is a fugitive but because they don't like people spreading the truth to others.

"Spiro Skouras" is an independent journalist that covers the important topics you need to follow. An excellent source of information and he regularly has great guest interviews. He will soon be taken down from Youtube as he is to close to the truth but they are using people like him to track public opinion and comments. He has a channel on Bitchute as well.

"Stop the crime", has been around for a while now, and is for the hardcore truthers who already know about chemtrails, transhumanism, 5G towers and covers current issues.

"London real", has good current affairs info, more of an average person's introduction to the truth but still worthwhile.

"David Icke" has been reporting the truth for 30 years unfortunately, Youtube has deleted his channel because he exposed the truth about the COVID pandemic. You can only see him now on Bitchute as with most truther channels.

"Dr. Andrew Kaufman". A doctor and a psychiatrist with degrees as long as your arm. Recently fired for a Hospital for refusing to wear a mask. A very brave man to speak out. He has really good information everyone must know.

"Dr. Sherri Tenpenny" is a practicing physician that has no fear when it comes to speaking the truth. She is also a virologist and has done 20 years of extensive research into viruses and knows what she is talking about.

I mustn't forget "Gerald Celente" an economist and forecaster who has been right almost all the time. I have never seen him as mad about anything as the COVID plan-demic.

Misinformation agents

There are misinformation agents everywhere on the internet and YouTube, paid to spread fake news. I am not going to list their names but I will say that the links I have given you are the real people with real concerns about humanity and our freedom.

Keep in mind there are only a handful of people that speak the truth. Most doctors and other people will feed you lies and they are paid by the elites huge sums of money to do this. It takes a long time and many hours of research until you can begin to see who is lying and who is telling the truth. The people that YouTube deleted are the real deal otherwise why have them deleted? YouTube is part of the mass media and doesn't want anything there that will upset their agenda.

Most truthers are now on Bitchute because it is an independent platform that is not part of Google's Youtube. It takes a little time for each video to start but after that, it works fine. A person's awakening takes time and you must go into it with an open mind and forget what you have been told.

"Everything in this world does not work the way you think it does" – Jordan Maxwell.

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