What to talk about with respectable Thai girls

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

Knowing what to talk about with respectable Thai girls will be highly beneficial in the beginning stages of any relationship. We will assume that the Thai girl you are with speaks conversational English because if you are a farang you probably won't be able to talk conversational Thai. If she speaks very little English your conversational depth will be very limited and make any real relationship very difficult to sustain in the long term. When it comes to talking with Thai girls there are a few things to keep in mind with regard to the topics of conversation. If you are talking to bar girls or freelancers, on the other hand, it basically doesn't matter what you talk about as long as it doesn't offend them. These types of girls are used to farangs talking about all sorts of crazy things. They are Westernized and a lot more open and straightforward about things than traditional respectable Thai women. However, when you become involved with a respectable Thai woman and you are thinking beyond a one-night affair there are a few rules to follow if you want your romance too last. Respectable Thai women are conservative and sensitive to certain topics and you have to know which are acceptable and which are not. It doesn't matter if you are chatting online or in-person, the rules are just the same. Knowing what topics to avoid and how to approach a touchy subject is important in the begging stages of a relationship. If you say the wrong things you could potentially ruin what otherwise could have been a good relationship.

You're probably thinking oh boy, there's so much to learn when it comes to Thai women and you are 100 percent correct. That's why we write these articles so that you will not fall into a hole that will be difficult to climb out of. Thai culture and traditions are so far beyond what foreigners can imagine. The West and the East are really very different culturally and socially in so many ways. Fortunately, Thai women are very easy to talk to because they are simple-minded and like talking about trivial things and humor. There's no need to go into great depth about anything because it will just go over their heads anyway and they may get bored. Let's explore the different topics which are alright to talk about and which you should avoid.

An English man talking to a respectable Thai woman.


You may have by now probably discovered that Thai women and (Asian women in general) love food more than anything. Talking about food is not only simple, but it's also fun and easy for them to associate with. Thai girls love to talk about their favorite food, which food stalls are good, their favorite restaurants, you're favorite food and basically anything to do with eating. She will gladly listen to what kind of food you have in your own country, how much more expensive it is and what Thai food you like.

There are many foods including fruits and vegetables that she has never even heard of that you can try to explain (usually in vain). If you want to stay on her good side learn about as many Thai dishes as possible beforehand. That way you can both have a better conversation about food and you can understand what she is talking about too.


Thai women love going to the Mall and love to go shopping and just walking about inspecting their favorite things or just window shopping. Any conversation about Malls such as talking about their favorite Mall and which are the good and bad Malls always works well. If you have a serious girlfriend make sure you know where all the good Malls are and take her there.

Thai women love to look at clothes. Shoes, handbags, and branded perfume. She won't ask you to buy her any of these things but if you do she will be thrilled and appreciative. Perhaps you could learn which shops you will avoid when taking her somewhere beforehand so you don't embarrass yourself if she likes something in a high priced shop. If you are wealthy then you may want to find out where the quality shops are.

Most Thai women are good at choosing jewelry but hopeless at choosing clothes that suit them. If you are good at choosing clothes make a suggestion about different clothes that may look good on her. I prefer all my women to wear a dress instead of shorts and always try to persuade them to wear more dresses, but that's just me, I am old school. There are no clothes that do more justice to a slim Thai woman's body than a dress that is 10 inches above the knee. For some reason, dresses have gone out of fashion and it may be because they need ironing whereas jean shorts don't.


Thai women love their families and naturally like to talk about them. You as a farang should show interest in her family by asking questions about them and also talking about your own family. She will be interested to know if you have any children, what they are doing and about your parents. She will probably have some photos of her family in her handbag and show you if you ask.

Always be positive about your family and don't talk about negative past experiences. Be prepared if you are on your first date for your Thai girl to bring a family member along. They do this so that they feel safer and so that the family member can asses your character and suitability. No doubt they will talk about you when you are not around.


Farangs have a bad habit of being too serious and it's understandable if the past has been an unhappy one and the reason you are in Thailand in the first place. However, negativity and sadness are not something Thai women feel comfortable with, and it's not something to build a solid relationship on. You as the man have to show strength and be positive at all times and she will love that.

Thai people are taught to always be happy no matter how bad things get. That is why Thailand is called the land of smiles not the land of cries. Thai women like happy foreigners especially ones that like to make a joke and don't take everything too seriously. Thai women are happy people and they love to laugh and smile a lot. This has a lot to do with saving face but also with being positive minded.


Talk about the future, not the past, and take charge of your future by making plans and goals. Thai women love strong and smart guys that can take charge of their own life. They like men that make goals, think ahead, and include them in their future plans. Including her in your future plans shows that you are serious and not just there for a short while or just for a good time.


As strange as this seems Thai women actually are not interested in talking about their actual job and what it entails. Therefore they also don't really have a lot of interest in your job either. They are more interested in talking about the people that work with her or her boss. Even the very ambitious women that I have met don't talk about their jobs.

Ask yourself has a Thai woman ever asked what you do back in the West and then asked anything further about your job? It's fine to mention what you do but after that change the subject and talk about food or ask her if she has eaten.


Many Westerners think that Thai women always talk about money. Whilst it may be true that many do want more money they don't talk about it because it goes without saying. If you are dating a respectable Thai girl avoid asking her about money because that is embarrassing and the last thing on her mind. If you try to impress her by implying that you earn a lot of money that's equally unimportant to her.

If you are talking to a bargirl or freelancer they won't mind you asking how much they earn in one month but they won't tell you the truth either. If she is interested in you and your relationship becomes more serious as time goes on then you can talk about money. Generally, money and sex fall into the same category and both are highly personal subjects, which brings me to the next point which is sex.


Women do not view sex in the same way as men and respectable women have strong moral standards. If you want to have a good standing with a respectable woman do not talk about sex.

In Iceland for example, it is expected that a man talks about sex especially on the first date because in Iceland people have sex before they decide to date. Thailand will never become like that because religion governs all aspects of morality. If you talk to her about sex too early in the relationship it will come across as too sleazy and desperate, and she may feel that you don't respect her enough.

With respectable Thai girls even making innocent jokes about sex will not go down well with her and she will start thinking about dumping you. If you are with a bargirl, on the other hand, it's totally different and if you don't talk about sex she will think you are weird.


Avoid talking about politics, economics, or how people are losing their freedom as the world is becoming more Orwellian, this will be beyond her understanding and bore her to tears. If she likes politics or anything to do with business she will be the first to talk about it.

Thai girls like casual conversations that are not political, intellectual, depressing, or negative in any way. If you can talk about how your dog forgets where he buried his bone and digs up the whole garden to try to find it, she will prefer to hear something like that. Avoid overloading her mind with deep heavy topics and just keep things simple, humorous and stay positive.


Even if you are totally crazy in love with her don't show her too much affection. You should tell her that you love her, but giving her too much affection and being overly emotional is seen as a weakness and she won't respect you as much. Hold back and don't show her exactly how you feel and keep just enough distance so that she doesn't take you for granted.

You need to keep your Thai woman standing and thinking that if she doesn't do enough to keep you interested that she may lose you to another. Thai women are very jealous and know that there are other women that will want to get your interest too.

A Thai woman standing and thinking.

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