Reader submissions wanted

We are looking for budding authors to submit articles about Thailand or the surrounding countries. If you love to write and would like to expand your portfolio we are interested to hear from you. Articles can be about


  • Your personal experiences or adventures as an ex-pat or tourist  

  • About relationships, restaurants, sports bars, gogo bars, massage places, travel, dealings with authorities and businesses. 

  • Any experiences that were good or bad.

  • You will retain the copyright. 

  • If you are complaining about someone, business or government, do not include names of people or establishments.

  • Every article will be reviewed prior to publishing and may be edited if necessary (to comply with any conditions). Articles must not contain politically sensitive content or any content to do with minors. 

  • Spelling and grammar will be checked and corrected where necessary by admin. 

  • Your article must not currently be published online through another website. 

  • Your article must be original and not plagiarized.

  • No payment is given for submissions however if you have a published book (E-book or hardcover) or a business or service we will advertise that on your page for free as long as you remain active. We do not require any royalties or commissions from your advertised products or services.  

  • You must submit at least one article every 6 months to remain active. 

  • Submissions can be sent via email or as a Microsoft word document.

  • Each article must have a title (maximum of 60 characters). If your article title is too long we will shorten it.

  • Provide an author name for your articles (doesn't have to be your real name) or if you prefer you can remain anonymous. You will be given your own page that will be titled as your preferred name. You may include an email on your page if you wish. 

  • Articles will be published within 3-5 working days.