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Increase market presence & brand awareness
Facebook dominates as the most used social networking site:


Used by 97% of social networking participants or 6 out of 10 Internet users
used by more than 90% of social media users from both sexes and all age groups
the average time spent on Facebook in a single session is over 20 minutes
If you are not there you are missing out on a huge, rapidly growing market!

Social media is the perfect medium to invite online comments, ratings, reviews & ideas - 70% of businesses on social media use it for this purpose. It is an avenue where your customers can tell you exactly what they want and what they weren't happy with. It also provides a medium where they can advocate your product or service to others. They say 'word of mouth' is the strongest form of marketing...this is what social media is all about, let people advocate your brand, product or service for you!

When customers are considering to purchase or re-purchase, you want them to think of you, before your competitors. By engaging them on social media they build a relationship with you, so at the purchase moment are they more likely to chose you over your competitors. It is a way to keep your brand present in consumers minds.

The ability to reach new potential customers is exponential. Each time one person 'Likes' your page, all their friends can see they have liked your page, enabling you to reach a whole network of people, through just one person. What other forms of marketing have the same amount of market reach?

Facebook is used by 11.2 million users in Australia each month
Facebook users comprise 63.46% of the internet population
The average time spent on site each month per user is 8 hrs 55 mins - the highest in the world!
Demographics: 52% Female - 48% Male
67% of users are aged 18-44
Average users stream 1 hr 31 mins of video each month

(from Nielsen Online Landscape Review August 2014)