If you want to find a good Thai woman you need lots of patience and time on your hands. There are so many places to meet a Thai woman from dating sites to the markets, the Mall, or just through friends.


There are quick and easy ways and there are harder and more time-consuming ways. How long it takes you will depend on how good you are at starting up a conversation and how much luck you have. Some men simply have the worst luck no matter what they do. If you are one of those then I suggest you stop looking altogether. Once you stop searching something will happen out of the blue and you will meet her.


If you are holidaying or living permanently in Thailand you will have more time to search locally but if you don't, your only options will be through online dating. Whilst online dating is fast and practical it does take a lot more work, in the long run, to get things going.


In any case, the best place to meet a Thai woman is a place where the least number of men are likely to search. Let's face it, the less competition you have the better the odds. Choosing the online method through dating and chat sites is practical but is also highly competitive. The best way has always been meeting someone in person and not online. If you are self-conscious, shy, or just not good at starting up a conversation the online method is better.

Is it easier if foreigner is living in Thailand?

Most foreign men that come to Thailand do not look for a girlfriend or wife but rather a prostitute because that's what is most readily available. Traditional Thai women are simply too shy and are bound by language difficulties to be easily available.


The red-light districts have been around for 50 years and have become a western man's preferred point of call when in Thailand. Foreign tourists have a limited amount of time so therefore have no time for the chase or for courting a woman for weeks before they can get laid. Traditional Thai women are not easy to take to bed prior to getting married and most still want to remain a virgin.


Foreigners that live in Thailand have an advantage over tourists. They have the time and knowledge of where to meet Thai women and don't need to rush anything. They have learned that traditional Thai women don't really like to be rushed and that patience is a virtue. It is so much easier for foreigners living in Thailand because finding a good Thai woman takes time to find. Once you find her it takes time to court her and build a relationship.

Is the language barrier a big problem?

Unlike the Philippines, English is not spoken as widely in Thailand and there is a language barrier when it comes to dating. Just striking up a simple conversation can be difficult because local Thai women simply cannot speak more than a few words. The only women that do speak English better than most are women that either work in the red-light districts, massage shops, bars, and hotels. These women are the only class of women that a foreigner can strike up a conversation with easily.


Thai women by their own nature are shy, and when you combine that shyness together with a very basic level of English its no wonder that foreigners find it hard. This is why chatting up a local Thai woman that doesn't speak English is virtually impossible for a foreigner. Thai men on the other hand always have the advantage and the pick of the best looking women.


Most Thai women on dating sites have the advantage of being able to speak better English then local Thai women. In many ways, the language barrier is not so great when communicating with a Thai woman online rather than in person. A lot of online Thai women are better at writing in English than speaking it and as strange as this seems it's true. For the most part, the language barrier is a big problem for a foreigner and one that can only be overcome by learning to speak Thai.

Are bars good?

There are good and bad women but a good Thai woman can be found if you look in the right places. So we must first understand what the right places are likely to be. The main thing that defines a good woman is her character, honesty, loyalty, and integrity. Therefore looking for those qualities in a bar girl or freelancer is questionable.


Whilst it is true that many girls that work in the bars are there because they need the money to feed their children and family, many are not. In fact, some are drug addicts, some are trafficked by criminals and others are just nasty women and gold diggers. If you want to find a good woman then either go to Thailand and try to find one locally or through a dating site online.


Bar girls on the most part carry a lot of emotional baggage and many have been sexually and physically abused as children. Bar girls have experienced a lot of men up close and personal and have seen the bad side of men. This has made many of them emotionally hardened and streetwise. These girls have experienced a side of life most women will never see and as a result, have learned to survive and know what they want. They are not the shy and dependent girl that needs someone to take care of her.


Whilst it is true that the majority of bar girls work in this industry due to financial reasons and poverty, these girls have allowed themselves to become morally corrupted. Her moral standards have diminished simply by the influence of her immoral type of work. Her attitude towards men has become negative and markedly different from how she felt about men before she started her work.


Whilst there is a common belief that bar girls wish they could meet a foreigner and get married, they usually abide by the work ethic of "never date your customer". Those that do date their customer do so purely for financial gain and never for love. Prostitutes simply do not fall in love with their customers, because every customer is a business transaction.


Bar girls do not have time or need for a serious loving type of relationship especially whilst still actively working. It is absurd to believe that you are different from all other men for whatever reason. Bar girls have seen every type of man there is and understand men better than men understand women.

Do bar girls prefer Thai men?

When it comes to affairs of the heart, most bar girls prefer a young Thai man because most think foreigners are just womanizers and sex-crazed maniacs who cannot be trusted. Certainly, the attitude of many unsavory foreigners has helped to form this belief.


A Thai man although nowhere near as financially secure is simply a better prospect because they share the same culture and language and. Bar girts are no different to from any Thai women are very loyal when it comes to Thai relationships. It is often the case that bar girls continue to work as prostitutes whilst in a relationship with Thai men.


The Thai culture places more emphasis on money rather than morals so that such relationships are normal. However, what sort of man who loves a woman would not mind her working as a bar girl?. It is indeed a strange culture we have yet to fully understand.

Foreign men sitting at outdoor bar.jpg.j

Are women on dating sites a good option?

Whilst meeting a woman online is relatively easy and practical, it doesn't offer you the whole picture. You will not really know that person until you meet in person and have spent at least a couple of months living together.


Online dating is a very good option because there are so many women to chose from and who can be contacted. However, you will need lots of patience, time and a good sense of humor to be successful. The problem with online dating is that there are more men than women on dating sites. This means she has the advantage because she has more men to choose from than you have for women. This puts her in a stronger position to be more choosy and has a higher chance of meeting the type of man she is looking for.


You are going to be in competition with other men and often she will spend her time chatting to someone else whilst you are messaging her. There's nothing more frustrating than not knowing how many other men she has on her list. If she has Thai men on her list you are automatically put in second place if the Thai men are financially stable.


Another problem with the online dating game is honesty. You have no way of confirming if she is being honest about something. It takes time to get to know a person well enough to trust them and simply talking to them online doesn't really help that much in the beginning.


Whilst it is true that there are genuine women online wanting a long term relationship or marriage, many are there for financial reasons. Thai culture accepts that money is just as important as love in a marriage or relationship so be prepared financially. The saying "no money no honey" sums it all up.

5 things dating site women want to know. 

1. That you are not going to waste her time.

2. That you are not there just looking for a fling or a side chick.

3. That what you tell her is the truth.

4. That your intentions match hers.

5. You are financially capable of taking care of her. 

Two-thirds of men look for side chicks.

It is a fact that two-thirds of all men on dating sites are looking for a side chick or holiday bed companion. This was revealed to me by a friend who owns a well known Thai dating website.


There is nothing wrong with that if you are honest about it. However, most women, in general, do not want to be someone's side chick, unless you are Brad Pitt or look like some Hollywood idol. Men have learned that even if they are up-front and honest about it that women will say no 99.9% of the time. Dating sites are not sex sites and if you want a side-chick you should go to a different type of site. Most women do not want to be a side chick and waste their time with highly sexed men.

Women know that most men have different intentions to them and have become highly skeptical. That is bad news for the "good men" who are looking for a genuine relationship. These men face an uphill battle just to gain the woman's trust before they can go even further.


A genuine man's first priority is to prove that he is not just looking for sex because two-thirds of all men are looking for side chicks.

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What's the best place to find a traditional Thai woman?

The best way of finding a good woman is on a bus, a train, the mall, the street, the market or in the poor areas of the provinces. Basically anywhere is good other than a bar or by falling in love with a prostitute. There is no substitute for getting to know someone in person just like it used to be 30 years ago. When you meet someone in person there is less uncertainty because you have the advantage of experiencing body language and interaction at a level not possible through a computer.


This is also the most difficult way to meet someone because most people are too shy to make the first move or lack the confidence to approach a stranger. Chatting up women remains a skill that most men just don't have and most women don't like to be chatted up by a stranger.


Thai women, in particular, hate it even more than Western women because they are so shy and conservative. Just to be seen talking to a foreigner can get them into strife because foreigners just do not have a great reputation. Most Thai people think that foreigners are either womanizers, sex addicts and just looking for sex.

A traditional Thai woman shopping at a market.jpg

Thai women are shy and reserved.

A Thai woman will never make the first move not even if you look like Brad Pitt unless they are either a working prostitute or extremely confident. Culturally this is just not the right thing to do for a Thai woman and they wouldn't dream of making the first move and risk being seen by someone they know. Thai women have a fear that they may be perceived as being a prostitute should they make the first move. Even eye contact is avoided at all costs.


Only freelancers, bar girls, sex workers, ladyboys, and scammers will ever make the first move on a foreigner. Not only that, but all women are also glued to their iPhones.


Another problem and arguably the biggest one is the language factor. Thai women are shy by nature and not being able to understand you is a big fear factor for them. If you want to chat up a Thai woman and her English is not good it's impossible. Hookers are different in that all conversations are small talk and unimportant for the outcome is totally different.


However, when there is a will, there is a way, and if you have a good strategy and be prepared to talk to many until you find one that talks English you may succeed. Whatever you do don't go around handing out your phone number on pieces of paper to all the hot Thai chicks. I know some foreigners do this and it is so degrading to the woman and the foreigner. Women the world over are just not as approachable as they once used to be but handing out your phone number is a bit too creepy.

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What are the things to be careful of?

The only thing to be careful of with any woman is her honesty. You may not know if the woman has an agenda and uses scamming methods to obtain money from you. Some dishonest women are very patient and will cover their tracks very well. Others have an agenda or plan to acquire a house and land and may convince you that they are loyal and honest because they want a rich husband.


Foreign men need to be very careful with southeast Asian women in particular because there is so much poverty. Western women are much more independent and do not have to financially support their extended families. Thai women know how much foreign men like them and can use that to their advantage. Whilst not all Thai women only want foreigners for their money those that do are smart and will go to any length to get it.

By Robert Robinson